Thursday evening (June 25), on the MTV special "Michael Jackson: A Tribute," Sheryl Crow called in to share her memories of Jackson and her thoughts on his passing. Crow spent nearly two years on the road with Jackson as a backup singer during his world tour for Bad and also appeared in the video for "Dirty Diana." Like many of the stars who spoke to Kurt Loder about Jackson's death, she looked back on his career with a sense of awe.

"I can't speak highly enough about what I got to witness every single night for nearly two years, which was the brilliance of someone who was truly innovative," Crow said. "Before 1984, no one had ever seen moves like that."

Crow was candid about Jackson's demeanor on the tour, suggesting that he was already recoiling from the rest of the world. "When I started working with him, I think that was when he really started to isolate himself," she explained. "I think he started to take into his own hands what he was going to try to project as his legacy, so everybody in the band and in the crew was kind of held at arm's length." Despite his reservations, Jackson still got close to Crow. "I got to go out and sing with him twice every night on 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' and 'The Way You Make Me Feel.' So I had more interaction with him than most. One thing I remember him telling me was that he really felt like he was sent to the planet for the children. I thought that was really telling, because he considered himself to be eternally childlike."

She also said that she believes Jackson's legacy is visible every day. "You can see how much of an impact he's had when you see Usher and Justin Timberlake. They're still using those moves, they're still sounding like him and using those riffs. You can see how deeply effective he was as an R&B artist."

MTV will be paying tribute to MJ throughout the weekend with music videos, exclusive performances and calls and tweets from celebrity admirers and friends. For everything we've got on the life, career and passing of the legendary entertainer, visit "Michael Jackson Remembered."

Share your Michael Jackson memories by uploading video and comments to or joining the discussion below.

Share your Michael Jackson memories by uploading video and comments to or joining the discussion below.