While the Oscar red carpet was a sea of red and nude tones, there were a few women who decided to really stand out from the crowd. It seemed like each actress who graced the carpet didn't get the memo that the one before her was going to be showing up to Hollywood's biggest night in the same color.

But Robert Verdi, stylist to stars like Eva Longoria, felt that if anyone did the nude tone right, it was John Mayer's lady, Jennifer Aniston. "She looks a little draggish, but she looked the best in that color," he said. "In it, she steals it."

In addition to the onslaught of nude and red, designer Richie Rich noticed that the night was dominated by one-shoulder gowns. "I'm surprised everyone had one shoulder. I don't know who told Hollywood one shoulder was missing," he told MTV News, adding, "I'm not the biggest fan of red. There was a lot of red."

Although many people looked like clones, a few girls got it right. "I think Vanessa Hudgens' dress was fabulous," Verdi said. His favorite of the night, however, went to "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker. "The fit on the bodice is sexy. It makes her chest look hot and sexy. ... It doesn't look like she's running for a carriage."

Meanwhile, it was the ladies who looked like they were going to prom that caught Richie's eye, including Penélope Cruz. "I loved her dress," he said. "It's the perfect prom dress. She looked amazing." But his choice for best-dressed went to Natalie Portman. "For me, the hot pink ... it was like, 'Wow, punch, wow!' " he said. "She embodied a party. It's like, be colorful and be fun. Be fun and be happy!"

Richie felt Beyoncé should have shaken it up a bit. "She's a pop star," he said. "I don't like when people are so boring. It reminded me of an old-school museum piece."

Verdi didn't feel this was the strongest Oscar night when it came to fashion. "It looked like a stack of napkins at a buffet," Verdi said of Marisa Tomei's dress, adding that Kate Winslet's gown made it appear that there was something wrong with her: "Her one shoulder looked like she had a sling on. I thought she hurt herself on her way in."

Richie felt that one lady didn't live up to her lovely looks: "Jessica Biel is so gorgeous, and I don't think that dress she had on was flattering, and it made it look like she was pregnant and had a baby."

He thought there was another young lady who could have been edgy instead of matronly. "Evan Rachel Wood looked pretty, but I'm like, where's Marilyn Manson?" he said of the actress' ex. "I'd prefer if she were younger and cooler."

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