With the Oscars just around the corner, many of us are wondering what the nominees will be wearing to the show. It's not about who is going to win a statue, it's about who is going to look hot and who's going to look wack.

Fashion designer and season-four "Project Runway" winner

"I think it's going to be totally hit-or-miss," he told MTV News. "It's going to be fabulous or not, and I think stylists are kind of bored and want some excitement. It's like, who cares if you are on the worst-dressed list?"

Oscar nominee Angelina Jolie is leaving the critics scratching their heads about just how hit-or-miss she is going to look on the red carpet come Sunday night. Glamour magazine's Susan Cernek feels that Jolie's look is classic. "Her fashion is very sophisticated, very confident. She doesn't feel the need to be very showy, funky and bedazzled. She is well established and her clothing reflects that."

Siriano disagreed, saying that Jolie's style needs a revamp. "I'm really hoping that Angelina pulls something a little more fabulous, um, 'cause I'm over her muumuus," he said. "I mean, she's gorgeous."

Other Oscar nominees that Cermak thinks will dazzle include Penélope Cruz, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet. "I think Anne Hathaway is really going to blow us away with something amazing," she said. "I think Kate Winslet will look regal and gorgeous."

Guys who are sure to set the carpet on fire include nominees Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, but one guy in particular will have everyone talking come Monday morning: Mickey Rourke. "He has a good chance of being the Björk of this year's Oscars," Cermak said. "I would love to see him going all out and do a purple velvet tux and really just kind of work his Mickey Rourke-ness to its fullest."

Regardless of who rocks it and who knocks it, Siriano has one key piece of fashion advice for all the nominees: "I need some drama! Who cares if you look like a big bush? Just wear something crazy!"

MTV News will be all over the Oscars all week! Be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage in the coming days, and we'll have a team on the red carpet and in the arena on the night of the big show Sunday!