Melissa George knows about getting scared. It turns out she also knows about roller-skating, dirty jokes and making aphrodisiacs. The Down Under wonder first got fans morally confused as the wicked Lauren Reed in Alias. Then she watched Ryan Reynolds go crazy in last year's Amityville Horror. As she tries to keep her kidneys in the new bloodbath beach movie Turistas, gorgeous George let inside.

Name: Melissa Suzanne George

Born: August 6, 1976 in Perth, Australia

First memory: I was sitting in my old pram with all my coloring books in my lap, wheeling myself around. I was probably three years old.

Biggest thrill as a child: Starting out as a competitive roller skater. I won my first competition when I was seven years old. I had this amazing black and white skating costume. I went out on the floor and everyone was throwing flowers onto the rink. I was only a little girl, but I won!

Favorite subject at school: Chemistry and mathematics. I don't remember any experiments because it was so long ago. I remember doing really well on my final exams. I got 93 percent or something silly like that.

First CD bought: Kylie Minogue's first album, the one with "Locomotion." No, I tell a lie. It was Adam Ant. I had Adam Ant pictures all over my wall from a very early age. He was beautiful. Make-up and dress-up. I was a flamboyant dresser as a kid.

First concert: Seeing Kylie Minogue in Perth. She wore black corsets and high heels, like the showgirl that she is today.

First date: A guy named Daniel Greenery at a place called The Chip Inn. I was only 12. It wasn't a church group, but like a meeting area for all the kids in my neighborhood. No, no one broke each other's heart. We moved on. It was like, "We've had enough. Thank you very much!"

First R-rated movie: Creepers. It's about an insect scientist who locked up people in this house. I watched it so many times. I used to get it out at every slumber party and we'd watch it together.

Last book read: The Vinter's Luck by Elizabeth Bond. I love red wine, and I'm in New Zealand shooting a movie called 30 Days of Night opposite Josh Hartnett. New Zealand has the best pinot noir in the world.

Last movie seen: Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve. I love that film! She's this classic woman in a situation that she should not be in. [Roman] Polanski just pulled the stops out, with lots of low angles. It's quite beautiful.

Favorite sandwich: They have a sandwich in Chile called the ave-palta. They mix sliced French green beans, with homemade mayonnaise, boiled chicken and avocado.

Favorite item of clothing: I just bought a black velvet riding jacket with a high neck from Hermes that I love. It's gorgeous.

Previous jobs: I worked at a supermarket called Action. Before that I worked at the roller skating rink in the ticket kiosk. Then before that my sister and I would go on my uncle's caravan park and make money by filling bags with ice.

Most famous friend: Oh, that's a silly question. That's not very deep! I'm close with everyone I've worked with ... Jennifer Garner, Nikka Costa. Nikka is one of my dearest friends.

Favorite time of day: Before lunch. Right after my cup of tea in the morning. I often make my meetings for just before lunch. After lunch I'm sleepy.

Hanging on my bedroom wall: A print of Charles Blackman's "French Lovers," which was the cover of his Paris Dreaming book. He's a great Australian artist. He's famous for doing all the Alice in Wonderland stuff.

Ideal vacation: Bali's pretty much my ideal spot. I met my husband and got married there, so it's very close to my heart. Out of the 13,000 islands in Indonesia it's the only Hindu island. The people are gorgeous. I've enrolled in cooking schools in the mountains there. It's very special.

Hobbies: I like to cook Indian food. I make a curry that's been known to be an aphrodisiac. What do I put it in it? Everything! People literally go home early. They're like, "Thanks for the nice dinner, we're going." The secret is using curry leaves. Never make a curry with powder. It's a crime!

Favorite Madonna record: The latest one, with "Hung Up." That's the best.

Ambitions: I've got five films coming out, so I'm happy about that. I just want to work with great filmmakers and tell beautiful stories. I'd also like to move closer into the city, and spend more time in New York.

Best joke: Oh my god! It's so disgusting, I can't tell you. It's foul! Why do ballerinas wear tights? So when they do the splits they don't stick to the floor. Are you going to print that?