The Bourne Supremacy

Matt Damon returns to the big screen this weekend in The Bourne Supremacy. Like its predecessor The Bourne Identity, it's based on the best-selling novels from Robert Ludlum. It also marks the first time Damon has played the same character, the wily Jason Bourne, twice. He tells VH1 he really enjoyed revisiting the role.

"There is something reassuring about playing the same character," Damon says. "I think it is easier the second time around 'cause a lot of the groundwork has been done. You can expand on it. There are new little skills I had to learn for this one. I had the time to do them because I worked so hard on the other things for the first one. It was like putting an old pair of shoes or something.

"Having said that," Damon continues, "[Bourne] obviously goes through a lot of different stuff on this one. It's a pretty intense ride this time around. In the first movie, he's running for his life. In the new film circumstances lead him to spin it around and run as hard as he can right at them. There's a chance to see him do what he's really good at in this one. That's one of the things I really like about it."

Bourne isn't the only sequel that Damon has on his plate. He's in the midst of shooting Ocean's Twelve, the follow-up to the 2001 hit caper film, Ocean's Eleven George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts also return, and Damon said making the film, due for release on December 10th, was a blast.

"It's been a lot like The Bourne Supremacy," he admitted, "going back and doing a movie with the same crew and obviously the same cast. In the case of Ocean's Twelve, George goes out of his way to make sure everybody's having a good time. So, it's been really fun! A lot of it, I guess, has made the papers and it looks like a giant kind of vacation ... and it is!"


The Bourne Supremacy opens in theatres today.


In preparing for an upcoming role, it's not uncommon for actors to study a character or person by observing their habits and following them around for a few days. But what happens when your character is a cat? Halle Berry knows. She's the star of the new action film Catwoman, based on the DC Comics character. Did she have to do any research on creatures of the feline persuasion?

"I did, because I was more of a dog person!" Berry tell VH1. "I've had dogs my entire life, never a cat. If I had to play a dog I'd know just how to do it, but a cat was something a little different. I adopted a cat from the movie and I was around the cats on the movie all the time. I tried to implement as many catlike movements into my character as I possibly could."

Benjamin Bratt also stars in the film as the detective who becomes fascinated by the mysterious figure of Catwoman. He's starred alongside quite a few lovely ladies during his career, including the likes of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Traffic. He explained to VH1 that no matter who the co-star is, chemistry can't be taken for granted.

"I have been in scenarios as an actor where you have to manufacture real emotion out of something that's not really there," Bratt confessed. "It's quite a bit easier when you're working opposite someone like Halle because she's an incredibly good person, but she's also one of the most beautiful women in the world. It ain't a tough job at the end of the day, you know what I mean?"


Catwoman also stars Sharon Stone and Lambert Wilson. It hits theaters today.

The Manchurian Candidate

Meryl Streep, the star of the forthcoming political thriller The Manchurian Candidate, is arguably one the world's greatest actresses. With two Oscar wins under her belt and an astonishing thirteen Academy Award nominations in her career, you would think that this star would believe that she has mastered the craft. But it seems even the best have a hard time believing in themselves.

"I don't!" Streep tells VH1. "It's gotten worse as I have gotten older. I always think I don't know what I am doing! [On a shoot] I am calling home and I say, 'It's terrible, I don't have a character. I don't know what I am doing!' My husband says 'You always do this!' I say, 'I do not! This is the first time that this has ever happened to me.' He says, 'You did it on Manchurian Candidate, and you did it on The Hours. You wanted to quit The Hours, remember?' I am insane."

To catch Meryl star alongside another Oscar winner, Denzel Washington, check out The Manchurian Candidate in theatres on July 30th.