CHICAGO — R. Kelly appeared in court on Friday as his defense team continued to argue that the child-pornography case against him should be dismissed.

Kelly's lawyer said the timeframe given by the prosecution for when they allege the sex tape was made is too broad for the defense to provide an alibi (see "Seven Of R. Kelly's 21 Counts Of Child-Pornography Tossed").The defense also argued that the penalty for these charges are unfairly more severe than for other sex crimes such as rape or incest. The defense further objected to the excessive list of names on the witness list — more than 200 — and asked that the names be narrowed down.

The R&B star's attorney wasn't the only one making arguments. The prosecution defended its choice of a pediatrics expert, which the defense had questioned, by arguing that she was uniquely qualified to establish the age of the alleged victim.

R. Kelly is due back in court on May 28.

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