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Hamilton’s America Preaches To The Converted

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Azealia Banks’s Apology Letter To Zayn Is Five Months Too Late

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Three Songs Off Sia’s New-And-Improved This Is Acting Have Arrived

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Disney’s Under Wraps And SpongeBob SquarePants Have A Shocking Connection

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Catfish Child: Meet Nev Schulman's Baby Girl

The MTV host and his fiancée Laura Perlongo just welcomed a healthy daughter

Take A Break From Reality With Kero Kero Bonito

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Lady Gaga Swiped Her Hat And Trench From Carmen Sandiego's Closet

Yeah but where is Rockapella tho

The Right Way To Cover Elliott Smith

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Still 'Chillin': Real World: Boston Roomies Sean Duffy And Syrus Yarbrough Just Reunited

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What No One Tells You About Medical Leave In College

I had to fight to return to school after battling mental illness and I'm not alone

Lady Gaga Wrote ‘Angel Down’ About Trayvon Martin

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Avan Jogia Had The Best Reaction To Victoria Justice’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Performance

Hot patootie, bless my soul

Don’t Compare Lady Gaga To Madonna (Or Anyone Else), Because She Says So


Phil Diffy From Phil Of The Future Is Trying To Save The Planet With New Documentary

Raviv Ullman’s 'Standing Ground' Will Focus On How Some Pipelines Could Affect The Environment

Gigi Hadid Covers Vogue Japan With Eyeliner So Perfect We Could Die

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Before Moonlight, There Was Medicine For Melancholy

A look back at director Barry Jenkins’s first remarkable feature film

MTV News Social Justice Forecast For October 21–29

Every vote and every action makes a difference

Lady Gaga Reveals Her Aunt Joanne Was Also A Sexual Assault Survivor

During her Dive Bar concert in New York