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Kendall Jenner’s Marilyn Monroe Makeover Is Missing One Key Component

Where’s the blonde hair?

Halsey Reflects On The Troubled Relationship Behind Her New Album

‘I’m vomiting months of psychoanalysis’

This Catfish Conversation Quickly Turned NSFW

In a sneak peek from this week's episode, Marvin's communication with Austin got steamy fast

Sneak Peek: Alonzo Might Be Going Down For The Count On Stranded With A Million Dollars

Hey, buddy -- you okay over there?

Jenelle Evans Proudly Unveils 'Forever Home'

The 'Teen Mom 2' cast member is excited to 'start another new chapter' in her brand-new abode

Snoop Dogg (And Maybe Dr. Dre) Will Honor Tupac At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

They'll likely perform 'California Love' at the historic ceremony

Kim Kardashian Is, Like, Dropping Hints She Wants A Third Baby

She wants a third baby

Mandy Moore Is Visibly Horrified By This ‘Morbid’ Tangled-Frozen Fan Theory

Her face says it all

Sia Appeared Mask-Free On Sesame Street For A Song About Songs

S is for ‘Sia’ ... and ‘songs’

The Walking Dead Just Revealed Dwight’s Big Twist

The Savior is about to play a much bigger role on the show

Drake's More Life Just Pulled A Views And Smashed A Streaming Record

Q: Who pressed play on 'Blem' a gajillion times? A: Everyone

Beauty and the Beast Kicked Power Rangers Butt At The Box Office

Just selling All Of The Tickets Ever, it's fine

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Fierce Look From The 'Light My Body Up' Video

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

The Handmaid's Tale's Samira Wiley Looked Absolutely Stunning At Her Desert Wedding

Funfetti for everyone!

Shailene Woodley Won't Go To Jail For Protesting The Dakota Access Pipeline

The vocal #NoDAPL supporter initially faced charges of criminal trespassing and participating in a riot

What Are You Up To, Harry Styles?

And what's going on with your Instagram?

Liam Payne Is Now A Dad!

He and Cheryl Cole are ‘madly in love’ with their beautiful baby

Frances Bean Cobain Went All DIY On Her Marc Jacobs Billboard

Talk about taking matters into your own hands

Amanda Seyfried Isn’t A Regular Mom, She’s A Cool Mom


Ed Sheeran Made Out With An Inbetweeners Star And Hung Out With His Cats For Charity

Ed Sheeran and Greg Davies of ‘The Inbetweeners’ shared a smooch in the name of charity for Red Nose Day

The Justice League Comes Together In Its First Intense Trailer

Batman’s got jokes, Aquaman’s got a giant trident of doom, etc.

Hugh Grant Got On Drake’s Level For His New And Improved Love Actually Dance

(Or he tried to, at least)

Power Rangers And The Right Kind Of Nostalgia

Did we really need another 'Power Rangers' movie in 2017? No, but with its positive themes of friendship and openness, I'm glad we got one

J. Cole Drops The Intense Trailer For His Second HBO Special

'4 Your Eyez Only' arrives in April