Scorpions Cause Furor Over Expo 2000 Anthem

Hard rockers' references to sex in musical collaboration with Berlin Philharmonic outrage Germans.

The furor raised in Germany over the theme song for Expo 2000

by rock band the

COLOR="#003163">Scorpions and the

COLOR="#003163">Berlin Philharmonic came to a head

Wednesday when they performed the song before German

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder at a gala event in Hanover.

The song, "Moment of Glory," has been under attack in Germany

for the oral-sex reference in the lyrics "Last night was

shaking, and pretty loud/ My cat is purring and scratches my

skin/ So what is wrong with another sin/ The bitch is hungry,

she needs to tell/ So give her inches and feed her well."

"One ought to do all things with good taste," Berlin

Philharmonic chief conductor Claudio

Abbado was quoted as saying by ITN News, "but I

find the Scorpions do things with dreadful taste."

World Expo 2000, which is Germany's largest global event in

nearly 20 years, opened Thursday. Pavilions from countries

around the world have been built and feature exhibits and

performances. Organizers are expecting 40 million people to

visit the world exposition through Oct. 31.

Five years of discussions between the band, the Berlin

Philharmonic and Viennese arranger/composer

COLOR="#003163">Christian Kolonovits culminated

with this anthem, which has been recorded and will be

released by EMI Classics later this year. Scorpions singer

Klaus Meine composed the


According to Scorpions publicist Chris Roslan, "The musicians

of the orchestra were all for this," but several Berlin

Philharmonic executives were opposed. He also said Schroeder

was "a fan of the project and is apparently an old friend of


The Berlin Philharmonic and Expo 2000 officials were

unavailable for comment.

Not considered controversial, however, is the chamber opera

TagNachtTraumstaub by Annette

Schlunz, which premiered at the expo on opening

day. The work was commissioned by the German Pavilion and is

being performed in collaboration with

COLOR="#003163">Oper Leipzig.

TagNachtTraumstaub is Schlunz's third opera, and

according to an official Expo 2000 press release, it "deals

with young people's erotic dreams and frustrations. Dream

figures, unaware whether they are asleep or awake, wander

through the jungle of their fantasies in search of


Opening festivities at the expo also included musical

performances from around the world. Algerian Rai singer

Khaled, South African

group Ladysmith Black

Mambazo, Senegalese performer

COLOR="#003163">Youssou N'Dour, Cuban

COLOR="#003163">Guillermo Rubalcaba, Yugoslavian

rocker Goran Bregovich,

the Rizwan Qawwali Group

and Mexican group La Banda del

Recondo are all scheduled to appear.

The Scorpions are best known for their 1984 hit "Rock You

Like a Hurricane" and are one of the most successful rock

bands ever to hail from Germany. They will back up their new

album, Moment of Glory, with a tour later this year.

"When they asked if we would be the ambassadors to Germany

for Expo 2000, we were happy," Meine said in a press

statement. "When they asked if we would collaborate with the

Berlin Philharmonic, we almost fell over. This is the most

revered orchestra in the world, and it is a lifetime dream

come true to perform with them."

Describing the piece, Meine said: "The material was arranged

with the Berlin Philharmonic in mind. This is not just the

Scorpions playing with a string section in the background.

... These are in-your-face, powerful arrangements that will

make the floor shake."

Moment of Glory, recorded with the Berlin

Philharmonic, contains eight Scorpions hits, including the

classic "Wind of Change" and "Hurricane 2000" in addition to

the title song and a duet by Meine and

COLOR="#003163">Lyn Liechty, singing

COLOR="#003163">Diane Warren's "Here in My Heart."

Other guests include Ray

Wilson from

COLOR="#003163">Genesis, adding vocals for "Big

City Nights," and Italian singer

COLOR="#003163">Zucchero on "Send Me an Angel."