The Korn Antidote

To the tabloid press, John Oszajca is nothing more than the future husband of Lisa Marie Presley. However, if alt-rock radio opens its ears and considers something besides cock rock, Oszajca could be the next Beck.

Oszajca's debut is 11 tracks of self-written, funky folk music, mixed, redubbed and scratched in the vein of Bran Van 3000, or even Beck himself. On "Where's Bob Dylan When You Need Him" (which also appears as a Wyclef Jean-remixed bonus track), a drum-machine backdrop flows beneath drowsy acoustic guitars and such lines as "Guess the TV's on the blink/ There's blood inside the bathroom sink/ I'm halfway out the door/ I should get off the bathroom floor."

Sure, such drab lyrics might beg for some Dylan-esque reprieve, but Oszajca's not so much a songwriter as he is a sound technician. Blips, beeps and other space-aged sounds litter From There to Here, mixed in with samples and such guaranteed-airplay titles as "Bisexual Chick" ("She kinda likes guys, she kinda likes girls," Oszajca croons) and "I Might Look White." A fuzzy array of computer noises opens "Funny Shade of Blue, (RealAudio excerpt) while "This Is How She Goes" rips off Beck's "Devil's Haircut" without apology.

Don't let that scare you away, though. Mainstream rock radio might be clogged with such rock-rap messiahs as Kid Rock and Korn, but Oszajca's trippy mix of white noise and melody could very well dominate the summertime dance scene.