You Say It's Your Birthday: Feargal Sharkey

Today is the birthday of Feargal Sharkey, who was born in Derry, Ireland

39 years ago. Sharkey is the former frontman for the Irish pop-punk group

the Undertones and scored some success as a solo artist. The Undertones wrote all about teen frustration and romance in such hits as "Teenage Kicks." On their albums, including 1980's Hypnotised and 1981's Positive Touch, the Undertones moved from a fast-paced grind to a more melodic pop feel. Although the new sound was welcomed by critics, both albums failed to chart in America. After the highly-produced Sin of Pride failed to chart, the band broke up.

Sharkey formed the Assembly, working with Depeche Mode/Yaz's Vince Clarke, then focused on his solo work. He released singles such as "Listen To Your Father," backed by the '80s band Madness. In 1985, he released a self-titled album (produced by the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart), followed by 1988's Wish and 1991's Songs from the Mardi Gras.

Only one single, "A Good Heart," charted in the US. In the meantime, former bandmates Sean and Damian O'Neill formed the hard-rock group That Petrol Emotion.

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