Indie Label Creates Summer Fest For Underground Pop Fans

Olivia Tremor Control's Bill Doss will debut his new band, The Sunshine Fix.

Of Montreal, Ladybug Transistor and Japancakes are among the underground pop bands scheduled to play Expo2000, a five-day summer festival in Athens, Ga., running August 8–12.

The festival, hosted by indie-pop label Kindercore, will be held at the legendary 40 Watt Club. It also will feature the debut live performance of The Sunshine Fix, the new solo project from Olivia Tremor Control's Bill Doss. Even though Expo2000 ticket prices and information have not been announced, more than 100 tickets already have been sold, according to Fanatic Promotion's Joshua Bloom, who works with Kindercore.

"What's really significant is that this grassroots indie label is doing a five-day festival," Bloom said. "It's like a CMJ but for just one label. The interest they've generated on their own far surpasses more established record labels."

Founded in 1996, Kindercore specializes in the burgeoning underground pop sound. Later this spring, the label will release a new album by Richard Davies, one of the acknowledged leaders of "orch-pop" — short for orchestral pop — and will co-release an Olivia Tremor Control singles collection with the Emperor Norton imprint.

Other artists confirmed for Expo2000 include the Marshmallow Coast, Great Lakes, Summer Hymns, Essex Green, I Am the World Trade Center, the Four Corners, the Sleeping Flies, Masters of the Hemisphere, C.A.R., VHS or Beta, Dressy Bessy, Kings of Convenience and Tully Craft.