Karla Bonoff Plans String Of Dates

Songwriter behind hits for Linda Ronstadt, Wynonna and others plans brief run of shows.

When Karla

Bonoff kicks off her string of summer dates

this week in Atlanta, Ga., her songs will be familiar to many,

though listeners likely know them by other voices.

Bonoff is the writer behind the gentle "Someone to Lay

Down Beside Me" (



excerpt) — a hit for

COLOR="#003163">Linda Ronstadt

and the bluesy "Tell Me Why," recorded by country star


Her song "Home" has been covered by musicians ranging

from Bonnie

Raitt to Holly

Dunn, and Bonoff herself hit the chart in the

early '80s, with a song she didn't write, "Personally"

— a P.

Kelly tune she was introduced to by the


Glenn Frey.

Bonoff rose out of that same Southern California rock

scene that spawned Ronstadt, the Eagles and fellow

singer/songwriters Andrew

Gold, Wendy

Waldman and

COLOR="#003163">Kenny Edwards, who

together with Bonoff recorded as the group


Ronstadt, after recording three Bonoff tunes on her 1976

Asylum release, "Hasten Down the Wind," appeared on the

songwriter's self-titled debut album on Columbia the

following year. Ronstadt returned to the Bonoff songbag

again, for "All My Life" (


c- XXXXXX%2F0115988_0103_00_0002.ra">RealAudio

excerpt). The song earned a Grammy for

Ronstadt and her duet partner,

COLOR="#003163">Aaron Neville.

Bonoff will likely reach even further back to her roots, with

the folk tune "The Water Is Wide," which is included on

All My Life, a compilation album released on Columbia

Legacy in 1999.

"I learned [the tune] when I was 13," she points out in the

liner notes for that disc, "when I took guitar lessons from


COLOR="#003163">Weavers. So it comes

out of my very early folk-music training, and, to this day,

people come up to me and say this song really moves


Karla Bonoff tour dates:

May 12; Atlanta, Ga.; Red Light Café

May 13; Simpsonville, S.C.; Reedy River Folk Festival

May 17; Santa Clarita, Calif.; Saugus Speedway

June 28; San Diego, Calif.; Humphrey's (with

COLOR="#003163">Michael McDonald)

June 29; Anaheim, Calif.; Sun Theater (with Michael McDonald)

Aug. 11; Bethlehem, Pa.; Foy Auditorium

Aug. 12; Alexandria, Va.; The Birchmere

Aug. 13; Annapolis, Md.; Ramshead

Aug. 15; Fergus Falls, Minn.; Fergus Theatre

Aug. 20; Fish Creek, Wis.; Door Community Auditorium

Feb. 1; Carmel, Calif.; Sunset Cultural Center