Beth Orton May Host TV Show Spotlighting Collaborations

'Living Room' proposed by one of Lilith Fair's co-founders.

Electronica-influenced folk singer Beth Orton is in talks to host a TV show and tour that will feature artists collaborating spontaneously, according to agent Marty Diamond, the project's creator.

"I work with a fairly eclectic mix of artists, who, if given the opportunity and the environment to play together, would," said Diamond, who co-founded the successful Lilith Fair tour with Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan and McLachlan's manager, Terry McBride. "And I think the fans would get off on it. Certainly, when you go to a show and someone special walks out onstage to join in, the crowd loves it. But they get so little of it."

Diamond is shopping a proposal for the show — tentatively titled "The Living Room" — and short tour to a number of TV outlets and concert promoters.

Diamond said the idea was inspired by the spontaneous collaborations that routinely occurred during Lilith Fair, which featured all-female or female-fronted acts during its three-year run. Unlike Lilith, Diamond's project would spotlight male and female artists.

Diamond is hoping to debut the project in the fall.

Orton's latest album, 1999's Central Reservation, featured such songs as "Sweetest Decline" (RealAudio excerpt).