You Say It's Your Birthday: The Lightning Seeds' Ian Broudie

Today is the birthday of Lightning Seeds frontman Ian Broudie, who was born in Liverpool, England 38 years ago. Known for their dreamy pop sound, the Lightning Seeds rose out of the late-1980s English music scene, scoring big

with their debut album and again recently with Dizzy Heights. Broudie

is a veteran of the English music scene; his first band, Big in Japan, included Holly Johnson, Bill Drummond and Budgie of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. He was also a member of the Original Mirrors and Care; meanwhile, he produced albums for Echo & The Bunnymen, the Fall and the Primitives.

In 1989, Broudie founded the Lightning Seeds. At first he was the only

permanent member, with other musicians passing through for gigs and single

recordings, such as the early hits "Joy" and "Pure." In 1990, the Seeds released

their debut, Cloudcuckooland while Broudie did double duty on guitar

for the Wild Swans. Although the Seeds' own album did well, Broudie

continued his production work; it was some time before their follow-up,

Sense was released along with singles for the title track and "Life

of Riley," both of which reached the top 30 in England.

In 1994, the Lightning Seeds signed with a major label and released

Jollification, which included the single "Lucky You." The band was now a full-time operation which included bassist Martin Campbell, drummer Chris Sharrock and guitarist Paul Hemmings. In 1995, a turnaround came; suddenly all their singles were smash hits and they even appeared on MTV. However, the rising popularity of bands such as Oasis caused them to get jilted at the British Music Awards. Last year, the Lightning Seeds released their most recent album, Dizzy Heights, and contributed a single to the Austin Powers soundtrack this year.

Other birthdays: the late Joe Tex, who would have been 64; Jay David (Dr.

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Keith Carradine and Donnie Most.