You Say It's Your Birthday: Circle Jerks' Zander Schloss

Today is the birthday of Zander Schloss, who played bass with the Circle

Jerks as well as collaborating with the Weirdos and the Low 'n' Sweet

Orchestra. One of the first skate-punk bands to come out of the Los Angeles

area, the Circle Jerks formed in 1980 after frontman Keith Morris departed

an early lineup of the punk band Black Flag. Some said Morris bore a passing resemblance to another punk icon, Johnny Rotten, and the Jerks lent the same basic three-chord foundations to their version of punk rock.

The Circle Jerks released their debut album, Group Sex, in 1980 and

the following year appeared in the original Decline of Western

Civilization. They went on to release other successes such as Wild in

the Streets and Golden Shower of Hits, in which the group crafted

a scathing medley of 1970s tunes such as "Afternoon Delight" and "Love Will

Keep Us Together." Schloss didn't join the band until 1983, replacing

original bassist Roger Rogerson; his addition, along with that of new

drummer Keith Clark, gave the band a more metal-based sound. The Jerks have continued to produce and release records into this decade, including 1992's all-live collection Gig and 1995's Oddities, Abnormalities and

Curiosities, their first album for a major label.

Other birthdays: Charles Pope (Tams), 61; Rodney Crowell, 47; Andy Fraser

(Free), 45; Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden), 39; Jacqui O'Sullivan (Bananarama), 37; and actor David Duchovny.