Prodigy Epitaphs Premature; New Music Likely

The media has, as usual, misunderstood an artist's intentions. MTV and other U. S. media have reported that Prodigy's international hit album, The Fat Of The Land, "will be its last," citing a story in London's Independent.

But that's not quite what Prodigy leader Liam Howlett meant, at least based on what he told Addicted To Noise recently. "At the moment I don't want to do another album," Howlett said during an exclusive Addicted To Noise interview (part one is in the current issue of Addicted To Noise; part two will appear later this month). "I'm not prepared to put myself through committing to another album. For the moment, this is the last album. It doesn't mean it's the end of the band. It just means for the moment, I'm not thinking that in the next year I'm gonna start a new record.

"I think that's just something I say just to make myself feel comfortable," Howlett explained.

So saying "this is the last album" is really just a way of removing some of the stress?

"Yeah, just have the pressure off myself," Howlett confirmed. "I don't even want to be thinking about that. So if the record companies come to me and say we should start thinking about a new album, I've told them there isn't one. I never allow myself to look ahead more than a year anyway. In the next months what I imagine we'll do is release maybe one, at the most two records off this album and do some interesting mixes, record some new material, put out some new singles. But basically not commit myself to another album. It's such a big step to do another album. Unless I feel all the steps are right, there's no point in doing one."

But Howlett did tell Addicted To Noise that the key thing for him is continuing to evolve musically. "Well, to be honest, like I've always said, as soon as we stop progressing, the band stops," said Howlett. "As soon as we all think that we've done as much as we can do, we're not one of these bands that want to flog a dead horse. Me personally, I don't want to be going on forever doing the same thing. But at the moment, it's rolling under its own momentum."