R 'N' R 3-Dot: Lou Reed Inks New Record Deal

Lou Reed has spent the past seven years

recording for Warner Music Group labels (Sire, Warner Bros.) and a

recent deal should find him celebrating a 10 year anniversary with

Warner execs. The legendary leader of the Velvet Underground

signed a new record deal with Reprise Records on June 26, the same day he

performed a rare small venue gig at New York's Supper Club. That gig was

filmed for the PBS American Masters series, with the footage

possibly going toward an hour-long retrospective on Reed's career slated

to air on Apr. 29 of next year. "I've been a fan since I first saw the

Velvet Underground, which was even before the first album came out,"

said Reprise president Howie Klein. "I worked closely with Lou when he

came to Sire Records and he had a hit with the song 'Dirty Blvd.' I

can't wait to start working with him again. He's one of the most

challenging and creative artists I've ever worked with." Klein said Reed

played a half-dozen new songs at the Supper Club gig, including one

called "Future Farmers of America." For his first Reprise album Reed is

thinking about either a retrospective that would include original

recordings of earlier material and new versions of older songs, a

recording of the music he composed for the Robert Wilson's opera

Timerocker, or a collection of new material...

Officials at Woodlands, Texas' Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (located just north of Houston) attempted to stop Planned Parenthood from setting up a booth at last Sunday's Lilith Fair. The Pavilion doesn't allow the promotion of what they call "contentious issues." Unfortunately for them, they didn't inform Lilith Fair organizers, according to the Associated Press. Planned Parenthood has had a booth at every Lilith Fair show to date. Pavilion brass weren't budging until Joan Osborne and Sara McLachlan threatened to never play the amphitheater again. As Rick James once sang, "Money talks, bullshit walks." Planned Parenthood got their booth, and Osborne wore a Planned Parenthood T-shirt during her set that read: "I'm the face of pro-choice Texas." "Places like the Pavilion make millions off young people who come to


Pavilion to hear music that's often sexual in nature and at a time when


interested in sex and sexuality," Susan Nenney, spokeswoman for

Planned Parenthood in Houston, told AP. "And it's irresponsible for them to


money off these young people yet deny them access to information about

sexual responsibility."...

Queer rockers Pansy Division will release More Lovin' From Our

Oven on Aug. 12, a 21-track compilation of singles, compilation

tracks, unreleased versions of songs and rare demos. Included are a pair

of tunes ("Fem in a Black Leather Jacket," "The Story So Far") from the

band's 1991 Raging Woody cassette EP, a cover of the

Police song "On Any Other Day" and acoustic versions of the

Undertones' "Male Model" and PD's "The Summer You Let Your Hair

Grow Out." Several songs from the For Those About to Suck Cock

single will be on the set, including a cover of KISS' "Sweet

Pain," Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" and "Headbanger," which

features a guitar solo from an unnamed member of a major metal band with

the word "metal" in their name. Alongside an a cappella version of

"Negative Queen (Stripped Bare)," you'll also find classics such as:

"I'm Gonna Be A Slut," "Manada," "Pretty Boy (What's Your Name?),"

"Hockey Hair," "Political Asshole," "Two Way Ass" and a live version of


The upcoming 2-CD retrospective from San Francisco's enigmatic

eyeball-wearin' art rockers The Residents, entitled Our Tired,

Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses (Sept. 9), will be broken up into one

disc called Unum, which covers the years 1981-1996, and a second

called Pluribus, covering 1972-1980. In addition to such

must-have tracks as "Jambalaya," "Six Amber Things," "He Also Serves,"

"Teddy Bear" and "Double Shot," the first disc features "concentrates"

of several Residents albums. Among the works getting this boiled-down

treatment are The Gingerbread Man, Freak Show and Have

a Bad Day. The second disc takes a similar approach by offering

one-minute versions of "Easter Woman," "Amber," "Red Rider" and seven

other songs, in addition to an Eskimo and Third Reich 'N'

Roll concentrate...

Finally, forget about the digitalizing of the theme from The

Saint by Orbital; the truly trippy version of the song is to

be found on the new Razor & Tie album, Music From the TV Series The

Saint. Performed by Edwin Astley and his orchestra, the

skittering, swinging brass and woodwind big band theme song to the '60s

TV show starring Roger Moore of James Bond fame features such bossa

nova greats as the chez chill "Chaise Lounge" as well as the secret

agent-worthy seduction tune "Recumbent Love." Also just out is another

Astley creation, Music From the TV Series Secret Agent, an

equally bizarre soundtrack to another swinging '60s British television

program about the spy game. That collection features the classic "Secret

Agent Man" theme song alongside such lesser-known tracks as "Vulgar

Olga," "Drake and Ducks" and the provocative "I Wonder Where The

Microdot Went?"...

QUOTE (UNQUOTE): "One of my favorite bands is the Beach

Boys. Some of their songs are so tragically bad. Like 'Johnny

Carson' from one of the '70s albums [The Beach Boys Love You].

Brian Wilson was writing as a part of therapy, and he wrote something

about Johnny Carson. And the rest of the band was so hard-up for

material, they wrote a song around it. It's ridiculous to the point of

tragedy." -- Chris Appelgren, PeeChees singer.

(ATN's Senior Writer Gil Kaufman and Staff Writer Chris Nelson

compiled this report.)