R 'N' R 3-Dot: Reel Big Fish & Others Pay Tribute To Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy, the short-lived (1987-89) Northern California ska-punk band that featured Rancid guitarist Tim Armstrong and bassist Matt Freeman, will get the tribute treatment on Aug. 26 with an album entitled Take Warning --The Songs of Operation Ivy (Glue Factory Records). Tagged as one of the bands that kicked-off the current ska revival, Op Ivy will be covered by: Reel Big Fish ("Unity"), Long Beach Dub All Stars, which features former members of Sublime ("Take Warning"), Homegrown ("Bombshell"), Blue Meanies ("Yellin' In My Ear"), The Hippos ('Freeze Up"), Teen Heroes ("Smiling"), Cherry Poppin' Daddies ("Sound System"), My Superhero ("Big City"), Longfellow ("The Crowd"), Jeffries Fan Club ("Healthy Body"), Pocket Lent ("Bank Shot") and Marshall Arts ("Bad Town")...

Afrobeat superstar Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the artist most responsible for

bringing African pop music to the world at large, died Saturday from AIDS, according to a Reuters report. In the late 1960s, Fela (as he was

known to most) coupled the influence of American R&B artists such as James

Brown with traditional African rhythms to invent the sound he called

Afrobeat. After a trip to the United States, the singer was inspired by

the Black Power movement to politicize his own music, which later led to

violent encounters with the Nigerian government. Fela had been ill for

several weeks before succumbing to heart failure complicated by AIDS in

Lagos. He was thought of as something as an eccentric, refusing medicine

for illnesses, smoking large quantities of marijuana and reportedly

sleeping with hundreds of women. Various Nigerian military governments

censured Fela and imprisoned him on several occasions. He was 58. . .

Former Beatle George Harrison has undergone tests for

cancer and is optimistic that he does not have the disease, according to a

report from the Associated Press. Harrison, age 54, had a lump

removed from his neck after being admitted to a private hospital late last

month. Doctors are examining lymph tissue for signs of throat cancer.

Apple Records spokesman Geoff Baker said, "George is absolutely fine.

There is no reason why he shouldn't be. He had a quick operation for a

small lump on the outside of his neck. He doesn't think he has cancer and

is totally cool about it. As far as he is concerned it is no big deal." Harrison played lead guitar in the Beatles and contributed harmony vocals.

He penned such Beatles hits as "Taxman," "Something," "Here Comes the

Sun" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," and was one of the first rock

musicians to experiment with the Indian sitar. In 1970 he had a #1 solo

single with "My Sweet Lord." Since then he has released sporadic solo

albums and collaborated with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and the late

Roy Orbison as the Traveling Wilburys...

After a too-brief career, Space Needle have decided to throw in the towel. The group, which officially broke up last week after releasing two albums-worth of home-brewed wiggy psychedelia, 1995's Voyager and last year's The Moray Eels East the Space Needle, cited those old "internal differences" as the reason behind the break. "(Space Needle leader) Jud (Erhbar) is just way too fucking busy with things," was how Fiona Bloom of SN's label, Zero Hour, explained the break. In addition to a number of upcoming remixing and production gigs, Erhbar has just released another album by one of his numerous side-projects, the solo gig Reservoir. Ehrbar is also a member of Varnaline, along with SN's Anders Parker. Ehrbar will mount a solo, multi-media, Reservoir tour beginning Aug. 20 in Providence, R.I. at The Call...

Tanya Donelly, whose new solo album, Lovesongs For Underdogs comes out on Sept. 9, recently wrapped up filming for the video for the first single "Pretty Deep." Shot in L.A., Donelly told Addicted To Noise she developed the concept for the video herself. "It was my idea initially and then I worked in conjunction with the director Paul Andresen (Veruca Salt). I'm covered in tattoos," Donelly said, laughing. "Fake! Fake of course. And then the tattoos start to come to life and move around. It's actually very simple. It's not as crazy as it sounds! So the tattoos move around, and then every scene on my body, turns into a scene I'm in in real life. It's a very complicated idea, and there are four vignettes, and so I hope that people understand what's happening and don't just think, you know, it's just me trying on a bunch of different clothes"...

Finally, on Friday, Aug. 15, the 22nd Annual Womyn's Festival is scheduled to take place in Hart, Mich. The festival is a celebration of women. It is exclusively women-only (excluding male children under the age of seven), and this includes the festival attendees, the band members, and even the bands' road