Flys Lose Their Buzz

Long before Limp Bizkit and Korn marketed the rap-rock hybrid, the Flys had it covered: The band's debut, Holiday Man, was abundant in metal flair and hooky rhyme schemes. Their first single, "Got You Where I Want You," flew onto radio and MTV in 1998 and created a buzz for the band. Unfortunately, none of the songs on their latest disc, Outta My Way, is likely to earn them as much airtime as its infectious debut single did.

Outta My Way finds Fly vocalist Adam Paskowitz spending more time whining than rhyming, and his cohorts supporting the effort with crunch after typical crunch of guitar buzz and drop-dead drum beats. On "Helluva Time" (RealAudio excerpt), Paskowitz does his best Scott Weiland impersonation and growls through a repetitive chorus of "Baby, let me take you out tonight!" The title track incorporates a punk-rock feel, with its ricochet snare hits and Offspring-like guitar licks. "All you losers, and all you posers," Paskowitz growls, "and anyone who doesn't agree with me — Get outta my way!"

Like on Holiday Man, there are a few tracks to salvage from Outta My Way. The first single off the record, "Losin' It" (RealAudio excerpt), is currently one of modern-rock radio's better offerings, while "Hawaiian Dreams" is a sweet island lullaby. Unlike flypaper, though, nothing on Outta My Way really sticks.