The Monkees They Ain't

The relentlessly cheerful septet of S Club 7 have released an album to go with their popular TV show. Identified only by their first names (Tina, Paul, Hannah, Jon, Bradley, Jo and Rachel), the English youngsters warble along earnestly in front of heavy keyboard tracks and synthesized horns.

With songs such as "You're My Number One," "I Really Miss You" and "It's a Feel Good Thing," the album's sentiments aren't hard to fathom. S Club 7's forgettable, vaguely salsa-inspired party songs mingle with slower, R&B-type ballads, all of it just bland enough to neither offend nor actually appeal.

The overriding messages of the songs are that everyone should have fun ("S Club Party"), should love each other ("Two in a Million"), should dance ("Friday Night") and, we can assume, should watch the S Club 7 TV show and buy whatever other merchandise they have available.

Each song showcases the reedy beltings of one or another of the Club kids, though no one is individually credited in the liner notes. These anonymous vocals are competent enough, although all too often the songs' choruses bring in all of the "band" members, making the songs sound like the mind-numbing, echoey repetitions of Disney's "It's a Small World."

Their wholesomeness (crafted by Simon Fuller, who previously managed the Spice Girls) may provide good role models, and that's probably the best thing that can be said.