Funkadelic's Bernie Worrell

Although he has recorded his own albums, keyboardist Bernie Worrell is best known as a key player in George Clinton's band Funkadelic.

Worrell was born April 19, 1944, in Long Beach, N.J. In the mid-'60s, he became a member of the Parliaments, Clinton's vocal group at the time.

In 1967, the Parliaments began recording with their backing group, including Worrell, as Funkadelic. Clinton changed his music at this point from more traditional soul to psychedelic hard funk and started recording with two groups, Parliament and Funkadelic.

On Parliament's "Flash Light," Worrell first recorded synthesized basslines, which influenced legions of funk and new-wave groups. In 1978, Funkadelic had one of their biggest hits with "One Nation Under a Groove," from the LP of the same name.

Last year, Worrell performed with Clinton at Woodstock '99.