Sweet Ear Candy For Teens

This collection is pure pop candy — a blend of wild dance numbers and slow youth-angst ballads to accompany yet another spring teen flick. Full of familiar hits and new versions of older songs, this collection has the balance of a well-DJed senior-year party.

After Mel "Sporty Spice" C sings somewhat thinly on "Go!" (RealAudio excerpt), the album gets good and goofy with the Jungle Brothers' "V.I.P." (RealAudio excerpt), an irresistible groove about trying to crash a party.

The more sensitive side of the teenage years is explored on Jeremy Toback's "Will I Find You" (RealAudio excerpt), which would make a fitting graduation theme song or prom number: "Where are we now that the smoke screen has cleared?/ People get ready for the mystery we'll share/ There's no hurry/ Still I worry."

Deadsy's fuzzed-out, brutal version of the '70s Sweet hit "Fox on the Run" is followed by the dub sound of Ki-Mani Marley's "Emperor," providing a pleasant break.

The straight old-school funk is provided by the Wild Cherry sing-along "Play That Funky Music." The album concludes with a smooth, semi-racy paean to backseat lust, Jessica Riddle's "I Want You": "Even if it's wrong, I want you to brag about me/ Even is it's wrong, I want you so badly tonight." Woo hoo.