Funny Way To Meet Girls

Nerf Herder play that brand of post-punk power-pop that people either love — or get sick of really fast. The trick, of course, is to make an addictive sound, or at least include some funny lyrics. That said, Nerf Herder are absolutely hilarious. On How to Meet Girls, Courtney Love gets dissed ("You came from a town out in the sticks to become the modern Stevie Nicks"), heavy-metal fans get teased ("Pantera Fans in Love" [RealAudio excerpt] includes the lines "We're gonna put an end to alternative rock/ We'll find a way to make the Cranberries stop") and pop culture gets poked to and fro. "Jonathan" takes a jab at Modern Lovers vocalist Jonathan Richman, with its end-of-song chorus of "Turn the radio off" that rallies against the Lovers' infamous, punky "Roadrunner." "For You" is an atypical punk-rock love anthem — a laundry list of what a young bloke will do for his sweetie. "I'd make cocktails like Tom Cruise," singer Parry Gripp quips, "I'd lose a case on 'The People's Court' for you." Like the band's minor 1997 rock hit, "Van Halen," How to Meet Girls isn't necessarily genius, but it's comical. And being funny, after all, is a great way to meet chicks.