Judds Wrap Up Reunion Tour

Road show is first since mother-daughter duo's farewell tour of 1991.

ATLANTA — Although the Judds' three-month-long reunion tour, which wrapped up Friday at Philips Arena, was not so dramatic or historic as their farewell concert tour of 1991, the mother-daughter duo proved with this final show of the Power to Change tour that you can go home again.

When the house darkened, footage from their tear-stained 1991 retirement announcement unfolded on massive screens: Naomi and Wynonna Judd gripping hands, Wynonna looking to the heavens. Just then, the present-day Judds, silhouetted, rose from a pillar on the stage in the same dramatic pose from years before.

Audience expectations were of over-the-top nostalgia and nonsensical New Age wisdom, but what was delivered was a long string of pitch-perfect hits, sung with sass and sincerity.

At the height of their success, Wynonna struggled with showmanship as her mother flirted her way into fans' hearts. Naomi, as it turns out, is still up to her old tricks, but after Wynonna absolutely nailed "Come Some Rainy Day," there was no doubt that few possess a more commanding voice.

Off-the-cuff banter kept the show moving, too. "That's what happens when you have sex twice," Wynonna said, seeing a picture of herself and Ashley as kids.

Near the end, Naomi, who allowed Wynonna her own space on her solo hits, appeared in an oversized flower-girl gown and a tiara, strewing fairy dust on the front row.

Jo Dee Messina opened the show with songs from a forthcoming album. "Get Up and Dance" had all the earmarks of a club hit: Imagine "Walking on Sunshine" with a Gloria Estefan beat, Led Zeppelin guitar and Sheila E. congas.