'Motorweek' Turns To David Wilcox

Singer/songwriter's "Rusty Old American Dream" earns him a profile on PBS's car show.

It's not surprising to find David Wilcox on PBS. The singer/songwriter, inspired initially by Joni Mitchell, favors thought-provoking lyrics — "My songs draw blood," he says — that attract a learned audience.

It may come as a bit of a shock, however, to spot Wilcox on "Motorweek," the PBS series for auto aficionados produced by Maryland Public Television that is also carried on the Speedvision cable/satellite channel.

But there he'll be, starting this weekend — check your local listings — profiled to the tune of "Rusty Old American Dream" (RealAudio excerpt), a song from his 1989 debut A&M album, How Did You Find Me Here.

"That song does have this real playful attitude. It's talking about bigger things," Wilcox said, "but it's singing from the point of view of this old car that really needs someone to believe in it."

"Motorweek" producer and host John H. Davis, a Wilcox fan, presented the idea to the singer, a fellow Maryland resident who is currently touring as the opening act for Christian rockers Jars of Clay.

"The producer of the TV show just thought it would be a nice part to their show, apparently," Wilcox said. "Because a lot of people who are really into restoring cars find that they've invested a lot of time and love into this inanimate object, and pretty soon it starts feeling alive to them."

David Wilcox tour dates:

March 31; Hershey, Penn.; Hersheypark Arena (with Jars of Clay)

April 1; Charleston, W.Va.; Municipal Auditorium (with Jars of Clay)

April 2; Erie, Pa.; Warner Theater (with Jars of Clay)

April 8; Branson, Mo.; Grand Mansion (with Jars of Clay)

April 10; Baton Rouge, La.; ALSU Camp (with Jars of Clay)

April 11; Dothan, Ala.; Farm Center (with Jars of Clay)

April 14; Anderson, Ind.; Reardon Auditorium (with Jars of Clay)

April 15; Elkhart, Ind.; Elco, PAC (with Jars of Clay)

May 6; Malibu, Calif.; Smothers Theater

May 27; Martinsville, Va.; Walker Arts Center

June 11; Kerrville, Texas; Kerrville Folk Festival