Funk-Rock Group Luscious Jackson Call It Quits

New York group, known for hit 'Naked Eye,' put out four albums over eight years.

Funk-rock group Luscious Jackson

have split after four albums and nearly a decade together, a spokesperson

for the group confirmed.

The New York act announced its breakup in a press release Friday (March

31) in which drummer Kate Schellenbach

wrote, "We want to thank our fans for their amazing support over the

years, as well as the people who supported and worked for us and with

us personally and professionally all this time."

Three weeks ago the band completed a tour in support of its final album,

Electric Honey (1999), which included the tracks "Ladyfingers"


excerpt) and "Summer Daze" (RealAudio


"We want to let our fans know that we are still good friends," bassist/vocalist

Jill Cunniff said in the statement.

"We all want to diversify what we do individually, and the band just

came to its natural conclusion. It's been a great eight years, and we

hope to work together again in the future."

Formed in New York in 1991, Luscious Jackson consistently mined a dark,

funk-influenced groove that mixed elements of pop, rap, Latin percussion

and soul built around the group's intertwined female vocalists. Schellenbach

was the original drummer in the early '80s hardcore punk lineup of

future multiplatinum rap act the Beastie


Cunniff met Schellenbach when she interviewed the Beastie Boys for her

'zine "The Decline of Art." Cunniff and guitarist/vocalist

COLOR="#003163">Gabby Glaser moved to San Francisco in the

late '80s to attend art school, eventually returning to New York in

1991 and reconnecting with Schellenbach and keyboardist Vivian

Trimble to form the quartet.

The band — named after a former member of the Philadelphia 76ers

basketball team — released its debut EP, In Search of Manny,

on the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label in 1992.

The EP was followed by the 1994 full-length debut, Natural Ingredients,

a melange of rap, Spanish rhythms, funk and jazzy keyboard riffs that

featured such songs as "City Song," "Here" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Energy Sucker."

Schellenbach and Cunniff released an album under the name

COLOR="#003163">Kostars in 1996 titled Klassics With a

K. It featured a low-key mix of stripped-down acoustic guitar and

keyboard tracks such as "Jacqueline" and "Jolene on the Freeway." In

addition to keyboard contributions from Trimble, the album featured

guitars and vocals from Ween members

Gene Ween and Dean


Luscious Jackson's 1996 album, the moody Fever in Fever Out,

was produced by Daniel Lanois

(U2, Bob

Dylan) and spawned the radio hit "Naked Eye"



Trimble quit the group in April 1998 and formed a duo with former

Breeders bassist Josephine

Wiggs called Dusty Trails,

whose debut is slated for release in May. Cunniff and Schellenbach

contributed to the album.

No information was available on future projects from Cunniff, Schellenbach

and Glaser.

The final recordings by Luscious Jackson will be released on the upcoming

soundtrack to the animated film "Titan A.E." and the companion album

to the WB television drama "Felicity," according to the band's publicists.

Song titles for the tracks were not available at press time.