Marley Roadshow 'Exodus 2000' Due To Tour South

Headliners include Dr. King Cobra, Dee Dread and the Zion Knights, and Dawtas of Jah.

Reggae hits the road when Exodus 2000, this year's version of the Bob Marley Festival, tours the U.S. throughout the year.

A core group of 25 acts, with local artists, will play in most of the cities on the tour. Reggae's international variations are represented by Nigeria's Dr. King Cobra; Jamaica's Joanna-Marie; Dee Dread and the Zion Knights, from the Cayman Islands; California's Isaac Haile Selassie; Crucial Raiders, Angela Williamston and Kool-B, from Houston; Tchiya Amet and Fire & Isis, from Austin, Texas; and other U.S.-based acts, including Casper Lomayesva, Zema and Grantman.

The tour begins in San Antonio, Texas, in early April and winds up in the Bahamas from November 23–26.

More dates will be announced shortly. Additional information is available from the festival hotline at (713) 688-3773 and at the festival's Web site (

Confirmed "Exodus 2000" tour dates:

April 8–9; San Antonio, Texas; Sunken Garden Amphitheater

April 29–30; Tucson, Ariz.

May 6–7; Ft. Worth, Texas

May 13–14; Bay St. Louis, Miss.

July 1–2; South Padre Island, Texas

September 22–24; Birmingham, Ala.

September 23–24; Dallas, Texas

September 30–October 1; Phoenix, Ariz.

October 7–8; Austin, Texas

November 4–5; Charleston, S.C.

November 23–26; The Bahamas