Geneva Ballet Premieres Work About Mass Murderer

Between Dusk and Dawn, based on true story, debuts in Cairo.

The mind of a mass murderer is the theme of the ballet Between Dusk and Dawn, which will be premiered by the Le Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve, from Saturday through Tuesday in Cairo.

The ballet, by Egyptian composer Nader Abbassi, is about an abused Egyptian woman who avenges herself on society by committing multiple murders.

Between Dusk and Dawn is based on the true story of two sisters who killed 17 wealthy women for their jewelry and were ultimately hanged for their crimes.

The main character, danced by the company's star soloist, Julia Wollrab, is tortured by horrible memories of childhood sexual abuse, rape, a lost love and her female victims.

The ballet is choreographed by Giorgio Mancini, director of the Geneva ballet.