Los Lobos, Ozomatli Rock ‘Price of Glory’ Soundtrack

Rock en español dominates music for Mexican-American drama starring Jimmy Smits.

Latino rockers Aterciopelados, Ozomatli, King Chango and Pastilla are among the artists whose music is heard in the film "Price of Glory," which opens April 4.

According to Mitch Rotter, executive producer of the soundtrack, "Price of Glory" is the first film to feature the sound of rock en español. "There have been other movies, like ‘Mi Familia’ and ‘Star Maps,’ that had strong Latin soundtracks," he said. "But they didn’t focus specifically on rock."

The film focuses on the relationship between a father, played by Jimmy Smits, and his three sons, whom he hopes to prepare for careers in boxing. In addition to younger bands selected to emphasize the contemporary Mexican-American setting, "Price of Glory" includes veteran Spanish-speaking acts Los Lobos, Puya and Mano Negra, as well as L.A. rap mainstays Cypress Hill.

New Line Cinema is emphasizing the musical angle to an unprecedented degree by releasing the soundtrack itself, a first for the film company.

"We hope this helps push this music into the mainstream," Rotter said. "It’s an alternative music in the truest sense. That’s why we hope that what ‘Singles’ was to the grunge movement, ‘Price of Glory’ could be for rock en español."

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