Prodigy MC Duets With Skunk Anansie Singer

Maxim Reality's first solo album due this summer in UK.

Rapper Maxim Reality of Prodigy has recorded a song with singer Skin of the rock band Skunk Anansie for Maxim Reality's upcoming solo album.

The album, Hell's Kitchen, is due June 26 in the UK. The single "Carmen Queasy," featuring Skin, is slated for release May 29 in the UK, a Prodigy spokesperson said.

Under the moniker Maxim, the ragga-style MC (born Keeti Palmer) released the forthcoming album's first single, "My Web," on England's XL Records in August.

The spokesperson said a U.S. label has not been confirmed for Hell's Kitchen.

Prodigy are recording the follow-up to their 1997 crossover techno smash, The Fat of the Land. Skunk Anansie released their third album, Post Orgasmic Chill, last year.

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