Kelly Price Pays Homage To Shirley Murdock

'Mo Money, Mo Problems' singer's upcoming Mirror Mirror also to feature duet with R. Kelly.

Singer/rapper Kelly Price's second album, Mirror Mirror, will feature a duet with R. Kelly and a remake of "As We Lay," a minor hit for Zapp singer Shirley Murdock in 1986.

"['As We Lay'] was one of the most memorable songs from the '80s," Price said backstage at the Soul Train Awards on March 4 in Los Angeles. Price said one reason she recorded the song was that she thought Murdock didn't get the recognition she deserved.

"It was giving me the opportunity to do two things: take a great song and make it my own and give homage to Shirley Murdock," Price said.

Price released her solo debut, Soul of a Woman, in 1998. She was also the featured singer on the Notorious B.I.G.'s 1997 hit "Mo Money, Mo Problems" and Ma$e's "Feels So Good," also released in 1997.

Price said she's planning to tour later this year. "You will see me, whether I'm on a bill with someone or whether it's just a one-woman show," she said.