Minnie Pearl's Lavish Mansion To Open To Public

Two-week opening of art-deco residence offers glimpse of country-music history.

NASHVILLE — The art-deco Nashville mansion owned by the late country music comedienne Minnie Pearl will be open to the public during the month of April for the first time.

Renovations of the 8,000-square-foot mansion recently were completed.

"You can almost hear Cousin Minnie shouting 'How-dee!' down that fancy staircase," family friend Bill Stone said of the renovated home.

Pearl, who died in 1996, had bought the property with her husband, Henry Cannon, in 1973 and entertained country-music royalty in the lavish house, landscaped grounds, pool, guest house and tennis courts.

The house, located on five landscaped acres next to the governor's residence, was sold and renovated after Henry Cannon died two years ago.

Pearl's real name was Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon. "Minnie Pearl" was a country spinster character Sarah Cannon created in 1939 and flourished with until a stroke sidelined her in 1991.

Sponsored as a charity event by the Junior League, the open house runs from April 8–22.

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