Fatboy Slim, MDFMK, 'Crow' Albums Hit Stores This Week

Also out Tuesday are discs by Gas and Alpha & Omega.

A Fatboy Slim mix album, the debut from KMFDM spin-off MDFMK and the soundtrack for "The Crow: Salvation" top the list of new electronic-music releases this week.

German techno veteran Gas and the English electronic-dub duo Alpha & Omega are among the underground albums hitting stores Tuesday.

Fatboy Slim's On the Floor at the Boutique is a live mix album by the producer who scored mammoth hits in 1999 with "Praise You" and "The Rockafeller Skank" (RealAudio excerpt).

Recorded at the Big Beat Boutique, the legendary club night in Fatboy Slim's hometown of Brighton, England, the album includes remixes of "The Rockafeller Skank" and "Michael Jackson" (RealAudio excerpt of original version) (from his 1996 debut, Better Living Through Chemistry) as well as songs by Apache, the Jungle Brothers, Cirrus, Cut la Roc and several others.

A previously unreleased video for "Build It Up, Tear It Down," containing footage of Fatboy Slim (born Norman Cook) and other DJs literally tearing down the Concorde club, where the Boutique was originally held, is included on the enhanced CD.

MDFMK is the self-titled debut from former KMFDM members Sascha Konietzko and Tim Skold, who teamed up with former Drill singer Lucia Cifarelli to create the new band shortly after the release of KMFDM's Adios in March 1999.

KMFDM created unique electronic hardcore albums for 15 years, and MDFMK picks up where the popular industrial group left off. MDFMK is loaded with guitar layers and howling vocal tracks on songs such as "Now." The trio take an unlikely turn on "Get Out of My Head," which opens with a tenor choir and finds Cifarelli seducing listeners with slithering words.

"The Crow: Salvation" Soundtrack contains previously unreleased songs and remixes by Tricky, the Crystal Method and Filter, along with songs by rock acts Kid Rock, Hole, Stabbing Westward

and Days of the New.

Tricky's "Antihistamine (Forgotten by the World Mix)" features

COLOR="#003163">Martina singing the melody of Blondie's

"Heart of Glass," while actress Juliette Lewis sings with the

COLOR="#003163">Infidels on the sensuous "Bad Brother." Filter's "The Best Things," from their 1999 album Title of Record, is the soundtrack's

first single and video.

Pop, released by Mille Plateaux, is the fifth album by Gas, an alias of Wolfgang Voigt, a pioneer of the German minimal-techno sound who also records as Mike Ink, Love Inc and M:I:5. A prolific leader of the experimental techno scene in Cologne, Germany, since the early '90s, Voigt uses his Gas alias for harmonically subtle, mostly beatless excursions that are equally ethereal and spooky.

The southern England duo Alpha & Omega — bassist Christine Woodbridge and keyboardist John Sprosen, release their sixth album of roots-based electronic dub on Tuesday. The album, on BSI Records, blends heavy, reverb-soaked reggae and drum & bass.

(Dance/Electronic Editor Eric Demby contributed to this report.)