R 'N' R Three Dot: Squirrel Nut Zippers Go After Wrigley

Suddenly hot jazzers The Squirrel Nut Zippers are in talks with the Wrigley gum people to solve a dispute concerning the Zippers' song "Bad Businessman." Keith Hagan, head of publicity for the Zippers' label, Mammoth Records, told ATN the gum manufacturer approached the Zippers eight months ago with a request to use the song in a commercial. The band flatly refused, he said, and Wrigley decided to use the song anyway. Once the commercial began airing the band took quick action to get a cease and desist order squashing the unauthorized use of the track. Although the commercial, which Hagan said began airing in late May, is no longer running, "the ball is now in Wrigley's court," he said. "If nothing is resolved there will be a lawsuit for copyright infringement against Wrigley and BBDO, the ad agency that produced the commercials." Wrigley could not be reached for comment...

Trip-hopper Tricky has signed a production deal with the powerhouse Dreamworks Records, the so-far unsuccessful label started in 1994 by director Steven Spielberg, former Disney exec Jeffrey Katzenberg and entertainment mogul David Geffen. Although Tricky will still be signed to Island Records for recording purposes, he has agreed to a deal to sign, develop and produce artists for his Durban Poison label, to be distributed by Dreamworks. No projects have been announced yet, but past Durban Poison releases have included 1996's Nearly God album, produced by Tricky and featuring vocals by Neneh Cherry, Martina, Bjšrk, Alison Moyet, Terry Hall and Cath Coffey and the inaugural Durban Poison project, 1995's I Be the Prophet EP by the Starving Souls...

The Batman and Robin movie may have been a relative box-office let-down, but Batman Theme and 19 Hefti Bat Songs is a (BAM! POW!) smash hit. Featuring the original music from the cheesy 1960's TV series, the 20-track album reprises the unforgettable Batman theme, as well as such classic scene dressing as "Evil Plot to Blow Up Batman," "Sewer Lady," "Holy Diploma, Batman -- Straight A's!," "The Batusi," "My Fine Feathered Finks," "Senorita Boo Bam" and "Robin's Egg Blues"...

Mexico's Cafe Tacuba, one of the brightest stars among the

burgeoning Rock en Espanol movement, will play a free concert in New

York's Central Park on Aug. 2 to celebrate the release of Silencio =

Muerte: Red Hot + Latin. Funds raised by the album -- on which the

Tacubans appear playing with David Byrne -- will go to fight AIDS in Spanish speaking communities around the world. Also featured at the Central Park show will be album participants King Chango, Geggy Tah and Money Mark and Mario Caldato (of Beastie Boys fame). The concert marks one of five Cafe Tacuba appearances in the U.S. to promote their deliciously genre-warping album Avalancha de Exitos. Included among the stops is a taping of the new PBS concert series, Sessions...

New York fans of Epitaph Records are privy to one hell of a punk-rock treat this week as the "Epitaph Summer Nationals" get underway at the Roxy. The three-night event (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) features scads of sets by Epi bands, including such heavy hitters as Pennywise,

NOFX, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Humpers, New Bomb Turks and Gas Huffer. Also on the bill are several acts from

Epitaph's recently launched Hellcat imprint, such as Hepcat,

Slackers and U.S. Bombs. In 1994, the label hosted a similar

concert series in Los Angeles; the New York staging marks the first time

the event has been held on the East Coast....

Quote (Unquote): "Brit-pop is like an internationalist Republican movement or something, i'n'it? Anyone who waves a flag at me can fuck off. Brit-pop is shit. I've never been impressed by it for God's sake. I think it's always kind of desperate when people get nationalistic." -- Bobby Gillespie, singer for Primal Scream.

(ATN's Senior Writer Gil Kaufman and Staff Writer Chris Nelson compiled this report.)

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