U2's Dublin Shows Blocked By High Court

For all the trouble they've received trying to play concerts in their

hometown of Dublin, you'd think the nice men of U2 had become Marilyn

Manson-like pariahs. Actually, the Irish mega-stars are the victims of a

local planning statute.

After $2.9 million worth of tickets had been sold for U2's Aug. 30 and 31

PopMart performances at the Lansdowne Road stadium, Ireland's High Court

blocked the concerts from taking place, according to Reuters. The

judiciary ruled that the performances are illegal under planning laws.

The court, however, also issued a stay of the ruling until Wednesday,

granting time for an appeal to the Supreme Court.

U2's manager, Paul McGuinness, told the Irish Times on Monday that

the band's promoters were working to overcome "this most recent obstacle,"

and the group was "really looking forward to playing at home, and we hope

we can."

The court ruling is only the latest dilemma for U2 in Dublin. Before they

booked the Lansdowne venue, they were originally scheduled to play at

Phoenix Park. That plan was scuttled for financial considerations.