De La Soul Album Due

Long-awaited Art Official Intelligence will be released July 18.

Progressive hip-hop group De la Soul will release the first volume of their long-delayed three-CD opus, Art Official Intelligence, on July 18, according to Zuhairah Khaldun, a publicist for Tommy Boy Records. The first disc features collaborations with Redman, the Beastie Boys and singer Chaka Khan. The music, Khaldun said, ranges from hard-edged club music to old-school party songs. De la Soul first came to prominence in 1989 with the release of their offbeat, groove-heavy 3 Feet High and Rising, produced by Prince Paul. News of work on Art Official Intelligence surfaced early last year. Its release was pushed back several times as the group recorded more songs. The second volume is due in January, according to Khaldun.