Not Necessarily the Music News: KISS And Tell It Like It Isn't

KISS This: Two exiled members of has-been metal bands have lashed out at their former brothers-in-(hair)-arms. Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent, who logged time during the band's neon-and-ripped-shirt era of Creatures of the Night (1982) and Lick It Up (1983), albums so bad they made fans wish the cod-rockers would put their make-up back on, has filed suit against his former bandmates and label, Polygram NV, claiming he was cheated out of million of dollars in royalties, according to a Reuters report. Vincent filled-in for founding guitarist Ace Frehley, who re-joined the band last year on their multi-million-dollar-grossing-comeback greasepaint tour.

Further down the heavy-metal foodchain... momentary Motley Crue singer John Corabi, who briefly replaced singer Vince Neil, again before the band staged their, uh, big comeback, has filed a million dollar suit against the non-Neil trio of Crue members for breach of contract, dissolution of partnership, fraud and slander, among other charges. Corabi threw in a $4 million suit against the Crue's label, Elektra for "interference with contract."

Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker: The unfortunate word came last week that Tom Petty, one of the classier and more respectable rockers of his or any generation for that matter, had, like fellow rockers Jon Bon Jovi and Mick Jagger, been bitten by the acting bug. Petty will make his major motion-picture debut later this year in the new Kevin Waterworld Costner movie, The Postman, playing the mayor of the post apocalyptic town in which Costner delivers the mail. Tom... hold please, it's Sting on the line.

A Lame Excuse, If We Ever Did See One: The Band's bassist Rick Danko offered up a whopper of an excuse last week when he reportedly told a Japanese judge that his arrest several months ago on possession charges was all a big mix-up. Danko claimed that he'd asked his wife to send him some prescription codeine and, silly wife, she sent him heroin instead. Danko, who's been held on the drug charges for the past two months following a bust at the Tokyo airport in May, where he was picked up for accepting the heroin-filled package, said of his wife that he was "very surprised that she did something that stupid." Danko also promised to enter rehab if allowed to leave the country.

Sponge Singer Lets Out More Than A R.O.A.R. Perking up an otherwise DOA festival concert, the beleaguered, sparsely attended R.O.A.R (Revelation Of Alternative Rhythms) tour, Sponge singer Vinnie Dombroski provided a bit of a spark by spilling a bucketful of foul language on the tour's Oklahoma stop Sunday night. The gold-tooth-sporting Detroit rocker (who saw his fellow Detroit rock brethren, Iggy Pop, pulled off the tour last week due to a nagging shoulder injury incurred earlier on the tour when there was nobody in the audience to break his stage-dive fall), was reportedly warned that any utterances of the word "fuck" would result in a $500 fine per usage. Dombroski used the offending word enough times to rack up $5,700 in fines (you do the math), and an arrest following the show. Too bad there wasn't anybody there to be offended.