Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah To Go On The Road

Rapper announces tour behind February's Supreme Clientele.

Streetwise MC Ghostface Killah will spread the word across North America this month, swinging up from Kansas City, Mo., to Canada and through New England for 10 club dates beginning March 6.

Since the Feb. 8 release of his second solo album, Supreme Clientele, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper has been busy. After making in-store appearances in Brooklyn (N.Y.) and New Jersey, and visiting the Gavin Seminar in San Francisco in mid-February, the MC is hitting the road to promote his new work with regular club shows, an Epic Records publicist said on Tuesday.

Supreme Clientele, with its soul-inflected production from Mathematics, Carlos Broady and Wu-Tang mastermind RZA, features the rapper using rapid-fire freestyle on "Nutmeg" (RealAudio excerpt), and, on "Child's Play" (RealAudio excerpt), spinning tales of growing up.

The album was delayed throughout much of 1999, in part because of the four months Ghostface Killah (born Dennis Cole) spent in prison for a probation violation. When the album was finally released in February, it debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Since he first appeared on the 1994 album Enter the Wu-Tang, Ghostface Killah has distinguished himself with fast-paced rhymes and explicit stories of life on the streets.

Ghostface Killah tour dates:

March 6; Kansas City, Mo.; Granada

March 7; Columbia, Mo.; Blue Note

March 10; Kitchner, Ontario; Lulu's

March 11; Toronto, Ontario; Opera House

March 12; Montreal, Quebec; Dejo Bert

March 13; Burlington, Vt.; Higher Ground

March 15; Cleveland, Ohio; Peabody's

March 16; Washington, D.C.; Garage

March 17; Pittsburgh, Pa; Lage

March 18; Springfield, Mass.; Razl's