Mick Jones Reportedly Quashes Clash Reunion

But guitarist plans to release downloadable songs from Big Audio Dynamite.

Mick Jones, former guitarist and singer for the Clash, put the kibosh on any hope for a reunion with his ex-bandmates, during a recent online chat at Spin.com, saying there was "not a chance." Unreleased tracks by Jones' other band, Big Audio Dynamite, soon will hit an official B.A.D. Web site, he also said. Though the Clash broke up more than a decade ago, the past year has seen a resurgence of interest in the classic punk outfit. The band's first live album, From Here to Eternity, hit stores last year, as did reissues of the group's studio albums and a new disc from frontman Joe Strummer with his new backing band, the Mescaleros.

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