New Songs From Charlie Parker, Merle Haggard, Muse

Plus, cool free music by Playmates and At the Drive-In.

With the launch of D-Rev 2000, SonicNet is pleased to make available thousands of songs for free download.

D-Rev 2000 includes a "Featured" download section, where we present new songs by well-known artists, and the "SonicNet Editors Recommend" section, where we introduce you to songs by artists you may not yet know.

Each weekday, songs are added to both sections. Additionally, you can find thousands of free songs at the site of our partner RioPort.

We're currently offering free downloads of songs by Charlie Parker, Merle Haggard, Muse, Orbital, Hamza el Din, Kittie, Playmates, At the Drive-In, Hefner, Llama Farmers and dozens more artists.

Head over to the D-Rev 2000 download area and start listening!