Radiohead Strike Again On Web

Four-hour show reportedly includes new song, 'Everything in Its Right Place.'

Arty rockers Radiohead debuted a new song Thursday (Feb. 10) during another surprise webcast from their official Web site ( According to the fan site Follow Me Around (, the group played a new cut, possibly called "Everything in Its Right Place." Another fan site, the Perfect Song Facsimile ( has posted an MP3 file of the track, an off-kilter number laced heavily with organ. The four-hour show also featured DJ sets and jamming, according to Follow Me Around. In December, the band staged a similar surprise event, which reportedly included an acoustic rendition of a new song called "Knives Out." Radiohead's follow-up to the acclaimed OK Computer (1997) is on track for a fall release, according to publicity firm Nasty Little Man.