Pumpkins Unveil More In-Store Dates

Resume the Pose tour moves on to Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia.

The Smashing Pumpkins have announced six more in-store

appearances on what they're now calling the Resume the Pose tour. The

band has been signing autographs at the sites — performing in some

— throughout the country, in advance of their album MACHINA/the

machines of God (Feb. 29). "We wanted to reconnect with our fans on

a more personal and root level, which is really where we are coming

from," Pumpkins singer/guitarist Billy Corgan said in a

statement. "These days, it's easy to get caught up in the corporate

structure and lose track of why we are in this in the first place." The

latest stops on the tour: Sunday (Feb. 13), Sounds Waves in Houston

(noon), Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas (5 p.m.); Monday, Magic

Platter in Birmingham, Ala. (4 p.m.); Wednesday, Spec's in Miami (3

p.m., includes a performance), Virgin Megastore in Orlando, Fla. (8

p.m.); Feb. 18, Spin Street in Atlanta (6 p.m.). Additional in-store

dates will be announced, the band said.