Free Music: The Cure

Fans can download 'The Last Day of Summer' and listen to online radio station in AOL-Time Warner promotion.

New-wave icons the Cure have released a free download of "The Last Day of Summer," from their new album, Bloodflowers (Feb. 15), Elektra Records said Monday (Feb. 7). The cut, offered on the America Online-owned site, is available in Windows Media format and expires March 1. In addition, Cure frontman Robert Smith has programmed an online radio station for AOL's Net radio service. The promotion closely resembles one announced Thursday to support Madonna's new single "American Pie" and her film "The Next Best Thing." Both the Cure and the Material Girl record for labels in the Time Warner family. Their online projects demonstrate how easily Warner acts will be able to promote their work to AOL's 20 million subscribers if the planned merger of AOL and Time Warner is completed later this year.