Fear Factory Working On Disc

Singer Burton C. Bell said the follow-up to 1998's Obsolete probably won't follow a narrative.

Hard-rockers Fear Factory are working on new material in Los Angeles for the follow-up to their 1998 album, Obsolete. Frontman Burton C. Bell said on Wednesday (Feb. 2) that he is leaning against basing the new album on a narrative, as he did with its predecessor. The liner notes to that LP told a story, set in the year 2076, which linked the songs in a tale that cast humans as slaves to technology. The band, which has pursued the man-vs.-machine theme throughout its 10-year career, has not chosen a producer for the LP. Bell joined metal band Static-X onstage at the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night to perform Ministry's "Burning Inside." He and Static-X recorded the song for the soundtrack to "The Crow: Salvation" (March 28).