CD Set Explores Stooges' Fun House

Stooges, Jeff Bridges, Stone Temple Pilots, Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, Cult, No Doubt, Backstreet Boys, Flaming Lips, Clinton ...

Diehard Stooges fans — really diehard Stooges fans —

can now hear every note the proto-punk band played while cutting the

influential Fun House (1970) album. The recently released 1970:

The Complete Fun House Sessions is a limited-edition (3,000 copies),

seven-disc set recounting all the false starts, alternate takes, amplifier

hums, arguments and joking uttered by Iggy Pop and his bandmates while making the

disc. All 142 tracks, save for the nine cuts that became the album, are

previously unreleased. The Complete Fun House Sessions is available

exclusively at the Rhino Handmade Web site ( Almost

universally panned on its release, Fun House later became seen as

a classic disc of frightening, heavy rock that managed to capture elements

of jazz and Detroit R&B.