'Beach' Soundtrack Includes New Order, Sugar Ray

"The Beach" Motion Picture Soundtrack (Feb. 1), features new tracks

from New Order, Sugar Ray, Asian Dub Foundation,

Leftfield, All Saints, Underworld, Faithless

and Orbital with composer Angelo Badalamenti, according to

London Records. The album also includes a remix of Blur's "On Your

Own" by Moby and previously released songs from UNKLE, Moby

and others. The full track listing is: Leftfield, "Snake Blood"; All Saints,

"Pure Shores"; Moby, "Porcelain"; Dario G and Vanessa Quinones,

"Voices"; Underworld, "8 Ball"; Sugar Ray, "Spinning Away"; Asian Dub

Foundation, "Return of Django"; Blur, "On Your Own (Crouch End Broadway

mix)"; Faithless, "Woozy"; Barry Adamson, "Richard, It's Business

as Usual"; New Order, "Brutal"; UNKLE, "Lonely Soul"; Orbital and Angelo

Badalamenti, "Beached."