SonicNet/Addicted To Noise 1999 Readers Poll: Phase One

Nominate performers for 26 awards, including Artist of the Year.

Who was the Artist of the Year in 1999? Who made the greatest comeback?

Hip-hop album? Remix? What was the lamest song, and who was the lamest


If you have opinions about music, then we invite you to take part in the

Third Annual

SonicNet/Addicted To Noise Readers Poll. We're asking you

to nominate artists for 26 awards.

To nominate a performer, simply visit the Readers Poll page and click on

the categories for which you'd like to make a nomination. We'll tally the

results and pick the five most popular nominees.

Beginning in mid-January, you'll be able to cast your vote to decide who

wins each award.

This is your chance to be heard on the best and worst of 1999.

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