Best Of '99: In My Opinion ...

SonicNet Music News writers and editors reflect on the forces that shaped the music world in 1999.

During the holiday season, SonicNet Music News is featuring a "Best of '99" series. We are using the occasion to look back at some of the year's best stories, as chosen by our writers and editors. The "Best of '99" series features one of 16 categories each day, through Jan. 2.

In this installment, we remember some of our best columns.

Because music news is not just about what is happening, but why it's happening and what it means, SonicNet Music News brings you columns each week in which our writers and editors express their views on the state of the music world. In some of the more moving columns of the year, Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reflects on Kurt Cobain's legacy, Editorial Director Michael Goldberg expresses his disappointment in President Clinton for attacking the music industry, and Staff Writer Chris Nelson sends his portable MP3 player for a spin in the washing machine.

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href="">Kurt Cobain's Teen Spirit Lives On

href="">What A Difference A Year Makes

href="">Flaming Lips Getting 'Heavy As Can Be'

href="">Portrait Of A Digital Criminal

href="">Festival-Goers Seek Peace, Understanding After Fiery Riot

href="">ODB — A Shot In The Dark

href="">The Real Violence Is In Kosovo, Not Rock 'N' Roll

href="">Exceptionally Clean Music

href="">How Fame Can Curb Creative Risk-Taking

href="">Songs In The Key Of Life

href="">Compact, Revolutionary MP3 Device Makes Music Omnipresent

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