Best Of '99: Scott Weiland, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll

SonicNet Music News followed the story of of the STP frontman as it unfolded from the stage, the courtroom and currently, the prison cell.

During the holiday season, SonicNet Music News is featuring a "Best of '99" series. We are using the occasion to look back at some of the year's best stories, as chosen by our writers and editors. The "Best of '99" series features one of 16 categories each day, through Jan. 2.

In this installment, we remember the hard times for Scott Weiland.

This year did not get off to a good start for Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, who by January was already in court on a probation violation and later was arrested (again) for heroin possession and further probation violations. As 1999 draws to an end, Weiland is in his fourth month of a one-year jail sentence. But the STP singer did perform live in March with the group for the first time in more than two years, and they released their fourth album, No. 4, in October.

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Judge Sentences Scott Weiland To A Year In Jail

STP's Weiland Forced To Adapt To Rigors Of Jail Life

'I'm Alive,' Scott Weiland Says From Jail

STP Bandmates 'Stand Strong' With Weiland As Singer Awaits Sentencing

Jail May Be Scott Weiland's Last Chance To Beat Addiction, Experts Say

STP Singer Scott Weiland Scolded For Violating Probation

Scott Weiland Attorney 'Hopeful' About End To Heroin Case

Weiland Pleads Guilty To Heroin Possession

STP Perform For First Time In Two Years

Stone Temple Pilots Singer Jailed On Probation Violation

STP's Scott Weiland Admits To Violating Probation On Drug Charge

STP's Scott Weiland Back In Jail For Heroin Use

STP's Weiland Headed For Early Release From Jail

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